Argitalpen-data: 2014/12/17

Conference on "Coordinating transnational mobility for disadvantaged youth in Europe under the ESF 2014-2020: the results of TLN Mobility" on February 10, 2015 in Marseille


The conference is targeted at ESF Managing Authorities and ESF Implementing Bodies, as well as representatives from EU, national and regional political administrations. Marking the end of the Network’s project funding period, the conference is designed to share TLN Mobility’s results, namely the Coordinated Call on ESF Transnational Mobility Measures for Disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults.
Participants will hear about the progress with the implementation of the Coordinated Call in the TLN Mobility partner regions and Member States and will have the possibility to discuss
•      the impact of transnational mobility measures for participants as well as for regional labour markets based on practical case studies, and
•      the advantages of joining a coordinated approach on the programming level.
Delegates will also receive an update on the Network’s next steps and the possibilities of participation in 2015.
The expected audience would be the ESF Managing Authorities and ESF Implementing Bodies, representatives from regional and national political administrations responsible for employment, youth and mobility-related topics, key stakeholders such as employment agencies and job centers or other associations central to the implementation of your regional and national programmes.
We envisage an audience of about 200 participants, with a larger share from France and the PACA region as the host of this conference.

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